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Our services include professional cleaning of flats and houses throughout Brighton & Hove. 

“The stress taken away by Daisyfresh has changed our family life! Reliable and a well worth the money!”

Leila Aikman, House mum and business owner.

Domestic Services

At Daisyfresh we know that when you are looking for a domestic cleaner you want a local based company with a friendly and professional team - one you can trust and rely on. We have over 100 regular clients and are committed to providing the best!


As a family that lives in the city we have built a strong reliable team around us – vital in the success of our business. To ensure our cleaners are of the highest standard we take great care in selecting the individuals within the team, creating a pleasant working environment and a close support network. All our team of are employed by the business and not self-employed, helping to deliver the reliable and quality service we all demand.


Our team provide a service which is of huge benefit to working households, landlords, agents, students and family homes across the city. We build strong relationships when working 'around the family' and a service which leaves you feeling 'as fresh as a daisy'.


The amount of time required to clean a home depends on its size and the decorations within the property.Generally a weekly clean of an average 2 bed size property is three hours, whereas a larger house with multiple bathrooms and guest rooms would be more.


Our highly trained team recognise that speed and service are key to each client receiving the best service and value for money possible.


Visits are normally carried out weekly, yet fortnightly contracts are available for some larger properties. We can also accommodate one off appointments to assist in end of tenancy cleaning or spring cleaning, or to simply help out in a time of need. One of cleans are rarely available on Fridays (our busiest day of the week).

Our domestic service prices

One off (without chemicals)                    - £32.00 p/h

One off (with chemicals)                         - £32.00 p/h

End of tenancy                                         - £32.00 p/h

Spring cleans (with chemicals)              - £30.00 p/h

Communal areas                                     - £25.00 p/h

AirBnB cleans                                          - £22.00 p/h

All prices exclude VAT. 
All customers receive a free consultation.

No long term contracts. 

Laundry and Linen services are not included.

Staff are fully insured and DBS checked.
Daisyfresh are fully VAT registered. 

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