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You spend the majority of the day at your office and having a clean work environment can have a significant effect on your productivity. It's a great relief to know that your office cleaning requirements are being professionally looked after. Our professional cleaning service is designed to suit your cleaning needs with minimum interruption to your business.


Our team have extensive experience in commercial cleaning services - working in office locations, hotels and retail premises around Brighton and Hove for over 10 years.  


Our competitively priced services are bespoke to each and every client - from simple weekly office cleaning to daily bespoke contracts.


We will work out-of-hours to ensure carpets are vacuumed, desks are wiped, toilets are cleaned - ensuring each client feels as fresh as a daisy the next day!


We have an impeccable reputation with our clients - one we are very proud of and are happy to supply case studies or references whenever asked.

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- George, Makemedia (director)